Related business bureaus of the Ministry of Public Security, competent
leaderships in charge of Public Security Departments (Bureaus), Public Security
(Security, Inside Guard), Corps (Bureaus) and Security Management Detachments
(Branches) at the levels of provinces, autonomous regions & municipalities and Xinjiang
Production & Construction Corps; Public Security Directors from the Ministry of
Transport, Civil Aviation Authority, Forest Public Security Bureau of the State Forestry
Bureau, Railway Public Security Bureau of the Ministry of Public Security; The persons
in charge of security work and managerial & technical staffs in charge of technical
prevention from procuratorates, courts, judicial & safety supervision system, and
relevant departments of the army; Security services companies, member units, related
persons from security products testing & certification department, and the persons in
charge of China & local security associations; Teachers and students from law schools
and social institutions, industry experts; Head and practitioners in the design,
production, distribution, engineering, installation & maintenance of security products, the
persons in charge of security work and staffs from security departments in hotels,
communities & property management companies, large & medium-sized enterprises,
finance, energy, communications, cultural museums and other key units.

Forums, Symposiums Information (the detailed information available on request)





China Security Technology Innovation and Application Summit Forum



China Overseas Security Service Development Forum

China Security Explosion Safety Inspection Technology Forum


China Guards and Escorts Technology Forum 


F2, Complex Building, National Exhibition Hall


Approved by:
Ministry of Public Security of the People's Republic of China(MPS)
Ministry of Commerce of the People's Republic of China
Guided by:Bureau for Order Control of MPS
Hosted by:
China Security Association

Related Activities (Detailed information is available on request)




prize presentation

1、The 4nd Excellent Enterprises in Alarm Operation Services

1. Alarm operation and service companies are invited to participate in selection & appraisal activities from March to August, 2019. The authoritative body composed by association and experts shall participate in the selection & appraisal processes.

2、The Most Popular Professional Executive in Chinese Security Industry 2019

2. Top 20 persons in charge of security enterprises will be selected via voting forms at the official WeChat of expo <SEE-CHINA2019> platform from July to August 2019 

3、China’s Best-reputed Regional Networking Alarm Center Management Platform Software 2019

3. Top 20 Regional Networking Alarm Center Management Platform Software will be selected via voting forms at the official WeChat of expo <SEE-CHINA2019> platform from July to August 2019. At the return banquet on that day, leaders will award medals and certificates for the above-mentioned excellent business executives and company representatives.

Scope of Exhibition

Security Equipment Platforms & Solutions;
Crime Prevention & Control;Protective
Equipment;Emergency Handling;Financial
Security self-help products;Vehicle Logistics
Security Inspection;Excellent Enterprises;
Integrated Category

Booth Specifications and Fees

(1) In this expo, it is planned to adopt 9㎡(3×3) international standard booths, and each booth shall comprise three-side display boards, one negotiation table, two chairs, two spotlights, and one 220V•5A power outlet. For carpet and such special demand for Chinese exhibition lintel, additional fees are required.
(2)Space will not be equipped with any facilities (the construction management fee of 35 yuan/m shall be paid by the client);
(3)Exhibitors are required to fill in the application forms stamped with official seals before faxing to the organizing committee. 50% deposit of participation fees shall be paid within one week, and the payment of remaining fees prior to August 10, 2019, along with returning of telegraphic transfer certificate by fax to the organizing committee. Otherwise, the original booths shall not be retained, and the previously-paid deposit shall not be refunded.


Standard exhibition price (/booth)

Price for Open Space (/booth)

International (including joint ventures )




RMB 13000

RMB 12000/booth

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